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Dianna Talks About The Wine Country Fires

Dianna Talks About the Wine Country Fires

Dear Flaunt Wine Company Supporters,

The recent fires we’ve had in the wine country have been devastating. While Adam and I have been safe at our home in Windsor, so many members of our community have lost everything. The schools that our children attend have also suffered terrible damage and it will be a long time until they are up and running again. Many people have reached out and have asked for ways in which they can help. One very important way is to support the wine industry in Sonoma, Napa and Monterey counties. We all depend on your business. I ask that you purchase wine from our websites,  buy our wine at your retailers, order our wines at your favorite restaurants, give our wine as your corporate Christmas gifts, etc. And please, come out to the wine country to enjoy the beauty that we live in. Although some of our homes and buildings are gone, we are still here and we will rebuild and it will be better than ever.

Please consider making a donation to a few of those who could really use the help. I have provided some links to causes that are very important to me.

The first is for vineyard workers of Cornerstone Vineyard who have lost their homes. These are some of the men and women who manage the Irwin Lane vineyard in Santa Rosa where I source my Chardonnay. They work tirelessly to produce world class grapes for the rest of us to enjoy. I know that they need the help to get their lives back together.

The second and third are for our schools. Cardinal Newman is the high school where my oldest graduated this past June and where my middle child will go to high school next year. St. Rose is on the same campus as Cardinal Newman and it is where my middle and youngest children currently go to school. These are the schools that you have seen on the news. The damage is heartbreaking and many of the students live in Santa Rosa and have not only lost their school, but their homes and their possessions as well. Contributing to these schools would help so many deserving families all at once.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this and for considering ways in which you can help us rebuild.

Stay safe,

Dianna Novy Lee

Flaunt Wine Company

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